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Crispin "Cris" Daniels

September 12, 2023

Death Notice of Crispin "Cris" Daniels

Crispin Daniels/Cris/Dad/Granpa died in Owen Sound, ON on September 12, 2023. He is predeceased by his parents, Leslie and Caroline, his brother Keith, sister Caroline, father-in-law Jake and mother-in-law Millie, brother-in-law John, nephew David, and his doggy son, John Ross.  He leaves behind Judy, to whom he was married for close to 43 years.  He is also survived by his daughter Jen (Matthew), son Ian, brother Colin (Mavis), grandchildren (Tiegan, Liam, Rhona, and Casey), and in-laws Pam, Sue, John, and Glen (Gayle), and many other family and friends – including consistently excellent neighbours – as well as Maggie, his doggy daughter. Cris passed on a few months shy of his 18th birthday (on February 29th), demonstrating only the good die young.

Cris worked in the insurance industry for over 50 years as an underwriter, broker, and consultant. It was never just a job, he endeavored to learn and share that knowledge, achieving every insurance designation the industry had to offer. Not only did he achieve these great personal goals for himself, he also shared his keen interest with others either via instructing a staggering number of students at the Insurance Institute of Canada for over 40 years, as well as countless seminars and individual tutorage, whether it was for RIBO continuing education requirements or training for Principal Broker designation, or just free guidance to anyone who reached out. In 2013, Cris opened his own consulting business JJI Risk Management & Insurance Solutions, and like everything he did, he doggedly built it into a very successful company.

Cris enjoyed traveling with Judy, frequently visiting the UK and NL to visit family. He loved taking photos, confirming plans well in advance, and pretending to complain about picking up the dinner tab. He was very active in the community, especially when his children were young. He was a baseball coach and Scout leader for many years because he understood the importance of youth activities for the well-being of kids and that volunteering made this possible. Cris had a generosity that we could all do with more of: he loved throwing parties, celebrating with people, and chatting with whoever crossed his path. He was motivated by making sure people had enough to eat and whatever else they needed.  

In his last few weeks, Cris was in Newfoundland visiting his grandchildren. During this time, he saw Rhona in her first musical stage production and Casey play baseball during their first season, which certainly made him proud. Cris always impressed upon his children that he was the funniest person they ever knew, which was later confirmed by his grandchildren, years later. Cris was a good husband and father; he was involved with his kids and had a family that loved him. We are grateful for what he brought to our lives. He cared about people, and he would be happy to know everyone will keep doing just that.  

A come and go memorial celebration of life for Cris will be held at McCulloch-Watson Funeral Home (166 Bruce St. N., Durham) on Saturday, September 30, 2023, from 2 to 5 p.m. In lieu of flowers, please consider a donation to the Kidney Foundation of Canada and encourage your friends and family to become organ donors – it gave Dad another 10 years with us.

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On behalf of RIBO, I would like to share our sincere condolences of the loss of your husband, dad and grandfather.

Cris was a long time licensee and Principal Broker responsible for ensuring the supervision and compliance of brokers under his employ. Cris was also a great resource to RIBO with respect to developing education standards and continuing education. He was known to be professional and kind by all staff who interacted with him. Thank you Cris for everything you gave back to the industry. You will be missed.

— Jessica Harper, Registered Insurance Brokers of Ontario, October 1, 2023

Crispin has always been a big presence in our lives!!

Being the youngest child in a family of four siblings he had no problem making himself heard. He was bright and knowledgeable and had no problem projecting his personality.

Colin and Mavis started dating when Crispin was eleven but he wasn’t happy about the situation. A previous girlfriend of Colin had owned a big collection of model cars and he had hoped to acquire them but it was not to be and Crispin remembered it even in his speech at our golden wedding.

We first met Judy shortly after their marriage when they came to the UK. We all went to Europe for a coach tour and on the first night in Belgium there was a mix up in the room allocation and our son Niel had to sleep in their room! Probably not the best start to the holiday or our future relationship but as always Crispin laughed about it and Judy took it in her stride.

We spent many happy holidays together with them over the years and in between times, Crispin kept in touch regularly and we watched their family grow. We became close with Judy’s relations and they were always concerned for our wider family and friends. They always welcomed us warmly and Adam was able to visit them in Markdale and keep the connection going.

They came to the UK for Niel, our younger son’s wedding and we travelled to Newfoundland for the wedding of Jen and Matt. We met Crispin and Judy at the airport. It is a testament to his strength of character and his love of family that he was so determined to be there despite only having had his transplant surgery a few weeks before. That shaped who he was.

Crispin was fiercely competitive and we recalled a time when playing Trivial Pursuit and a question came up about what letter was on the second row of a keyboard. Crispin suddenly announced that he needed to tidy the children’s toys and walked over to the television where a small computer was plugged in. Crispin answered the question - but he flatly denied having looked at the keyboard!

He also had dubious recollections of some facts - Niel and Crispin went fishing on a small boat when on holiday in northern Ontario. A fish was almost caught but got away and Crispin was animated when he described how big it was. Niel’s recollection was that the fish was somewhat smaller!

Another time Crispin brought a Canadian version of Trivial Pursuit and as he had lived in Canada for many years was always winning. Unbeknown to Crispin, Colin swapped the questions for the English version. Crispin realised what was up when several questions were about Cricket.

These and many stories were always a source of fun between us all.
Even in April this year when we met up in the UK for what should have been a couple of weeks of enjoying visiting extended family, he didn’t want to admit that he was unwell. He was still a vibrant companion and was interested in others.

We have been so blessed by our FaceTime calls so we could see each other’s faces and surroundings and feel involved despite the distance which separated us.

We will all miss him but know that he will always be with us in our memories and in our love for Judy, Ian, Jen and family.

Colin, Mavis, Adam and Niel

— Colin Daniels, September 30, 2023

My deepest sympathy, Judy, Jenn, Ian and the grandchildren.

Crispin was my oldest and most loyal friend. In the close to 60 years I knew him, he never once let me down. Crispin I could trust. He was solid. He always came through.

When an old friend dies, a piece of you dies with him. There are memories you used to share which are now yours alone. In Crispin’s case, there are so many memories – schooldays, first jobs, sharing a basement apartment together - and a very big void.

Penny and I share your grief.

— Peter Coles, September 28, 2023

My scout (beavers) leader, my baseball coach, my neighbour, my best friend's dad, my ride to the golf course, the list goes on. My heart is broken 💔 and I'm sad that I haven't seen him in so many years. I still remember him trying to break me out of shell by singing Go Go Go Joseph from Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.

See you on the other side Sir


— Joe Manchee, September 25, 2023

Judy, Jenn and Ian,
Was very sorry to hear of Cris' passing, having only seen him for the first time in a while quite recently at John's own service.
I have very fond memories of him over the years at many family functions and gatherings. There was no getting around him, he had that larger-than-life persona. Boisterous, passionate about his Dallas Cowboys (overly passionate? lol-they are the Cowboys, after all), liked a good beer, and always enjoyed a good conversation with anyone about whatever. I liked talking genealogy with him, and getting up-to-speed on family matters. And although he had his share of medical struggles, he invariably persevered.
Judy, you and Cris were very good to Sean and I when we came into the family in our very young years, and we are better off for it.
My very sincerest condolences to you all.
Robin Coombs

— Robin Coombs, September 25, 2023

Elaine and I want to offer our prayers and condolences during this time, Judy, Jen and Ian.

— Wayne Hargrave, September 22, 2023

Judy and family

So very sorry to hear of Cris' passing. A pillar of the insurance community has left us leaving a rich legacy to all who had the privilege to know him. My sincere condolences to you Judy, and the family, may your memories carry you through this difficult time.

— Jennifer Soper, September 21, 2023

Judy and family: I'm so very sorry to hear of Cris' passing. I first met him in the late 90's at Willis and had the great good fortune of working with him on a number of projects over the years. He was one of the insurance industry's 'touchstone' people who you could always reach out to for an introduction, an opinion or some feedback. He was wonderfully kind and generous. The world is less without him. My very sincerest condolences to your family.

— Margaret Randall, September 20, 2023

My sincere condolences to Judy, Jenn and Ian, and extended family. I was sad to hear the news of Cris’ sudden passing. He was such a thoughtful, kind, and funny man.

Sending love and hugs your way.

Carolyn ❤️xx

— Carolyn Thomson, September 19, 2023

Aw, I just got the news that Crispin had passed from Tom LeSarge ... I worked with Cris at a couple of companies and I enjoyed our many chatty pub lunches and in depth insurance nerdousity. Condolences to all friends and family who will miss Cris like I do.

— Peter Makinson, September 19, 2023

So sorry to hear about the loss of your dad, Jenn and family. I’m sure he was a lovely person, and he raised a lovely daughter/coworker. Thoughts and prayers ❤️

— Emily Racine, September 18, 2023

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